The test that no one liked

Lots of people hate me. I am a test. Mrs. Berns (the teacher of this class) has put me away in a drawer until Friday. Life in a drawer is very boring. Of course the other tests are in here, too, but they hardly ever talk to me. I practically count away the minutes in this horrible drawer. I hope I get a good person to own me on Friday. Well, the big day is almost here.

The hours pass by slowly, but finally everyone is leaving to go home. Tomorrow is Friday. Now all I have to do is live through the night.

The morning soon comes and Mrs. Berns is in the classroom. She opens up the drawer and gets out the tests.

Oh, it's morning already? Oh, no, here comes the test, she's already passing us out! Whew, that was a close one. I almost got into the hands of the worst one in this class. I hope I will belong to Mary. She's really nice. I don't believe it. Mary is the next person and I'm the next test.

Mary's already started writing on me, ah, ooh, that tickles!

The minutes pass and Mary gets done and takes the test to Mrs. Berns.

Wow, I'm the third test finished. It's almost my turn to be checked. Oh, here it comes. First part is all correct, oh, good.

Time passes and all the tests are graded. Mrs. Berns hands them out again.

Mary is proud when she gets her test back because it has a big "100 percent" on it, and the test is happy, too.

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