Safety in the air

With the disruption brought to air traffic in the United States and elsewhere by the air traffic controllers' walkout, travelers may well be prompted to consider these words from the Bible: "The Lord shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore." n1

n1 Ps. 121:8

Whether personally involved or not, each one has the opportunity to bring the healing power of prayer to bear on this situation. Effective prayer is based on the discernment and practice of the laws of God. A basic divine law is that Mind, God, is in control of the universe, including man. Nothing is outside His control. The demand, of course, is to understand this and thereby bring it to light and prove it. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, writes: "The real jurisdiction of the world is in Mind, controlling every effect and recognizing all causation as vested in divine Mind." n2

n2 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,m p. 379

God being good, harmonious, and perfect, harmony must be the condition of His universe and the natural state of man, who is God's expression. Even when the material senses present a picture of discord, steadfast realization of scientific, divine truths or laws can reverse this false evidence of a faulty or chaotic world. Because Mind is in control, man actually reflects and experiences this harmony and nothing else. Christ Jesus proved this when, despite efforts of his enemies to hold up his healing work, he brought the power of divine Love in the form of healing to the sick and morally lost; he also calmed the storm when it appeared that the boat carrying him and his disciples was endangered.

A woman and her family were able recently to prove the constant operation of God's law of harmony. Booked to fly to Canada, they found on arrival at the airport that their flight had been cancelled because of the strike. The best they could do was to take seats on a flight four hours later, which took them only part of the way.

The woman recalled a statement in the Christian Science textbook, Science and Healthm by Mrs. Eddy: "Mind is the source of all movement, and there is no inertia to retard or check its perpetual and harmonious action." n3 God, the mother knew, has infinite power to move His ideas. There is no opposing power to hinder the divine action. This law, she further realized, becomes a law to the human scene when discerned -- understood -- spiritually.

n3 ibid.,m p. 283.

Within a short time the circumstances changed completely, and the woman's family boarded a flight to their original destination.

At this writing a full solution to the controller's grievances seems far from easy. In praying to resolve the issues we may find it helpful to understand that no matter how far from resolution the situation may appear to be, harmony already exists in divine Mind and its universe. And Mind, God, is revealing His harmony to us through the Christ, God's perfect idea, which Christ Jesus demonstrated in its fullness. Barriers of human will and inflexibility fall as each one turns to Mind for guidance and realizes both man's true character and Mind's omnipotence. Under Mind's direction a just solution can be found that embraces controllers, passengers, and administrators alike in divine Love's care.

When we realize that the very origin and action of all true movement are under Mind's control, we can nullify the suggestion that accidents could happen. Both pilots and controllers can respond to Mind, for each in reality is not under any so-called law of chance or under penalty of pressure. God's direction is unerring. His care, unceasing. Neither He or His creation, man, can be fatigued or frustrated. This fact, realized by a few, can help many to see greater depths of strength and patience.

Like the woman with her family, each one can prove the harmony of God's control and see chaos and unnecessary delay disappear. Perceptive prayer can do much to break the deadlock and bring solutions for all. DAILY BIBLE VERSE Who putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe. Proverbs 29:25

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