Basic points from 'MX: Prescription for Disaster'

1. There is no such thing as a controlled or "sanitized" nuclear war. 2. No one knows how to stop such a war, once started. 3. Therefore the main function of a strategic force is to prevent nuclearwar -- in a word to deter.m

4. The US deterrent must have the ability to survive a first strike and still inflict unacceptable damage on the aggressor.

5. The United States is notm weaker than the Soviets. It has stong andretaliatory powers. There is no need to rush into a panic-induced wrong decision.

6. Procuring forces just to "match" Soviet strenght is a mindless path. This would, in fact, provide increased incentives for a USSR first strike.

7. The MX missile is such an incentive, "an invita tion to nuclear war engraved in US gold."

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