Someone live and special for 'Show and Tell'

"Show and Tell." Generally this title refers to a school program that has younger primary pupils bringing to school something they show to their classmates and tell them about.

Often the thing brought is a toy or a prized possession, a picture, a drawing , a scrapbook, and so forth.

On occasion, children have been encouraged to bring a person. We know of one grandchild, for example, who brought his grandfather, displaying and explaining him to schoolmates without letting grandpa get a word in edgewise.

This seems a grand idea -- this bringing of a "favorite" person to school to meet teachers and classmates.

Probably, Show and Tell might be expanded to allow the live visitor a chance to speak, but definitely, the bringer should be expected to both show off and tell about his friend.

This distinguished visitor might be included in each day's lunch program; that is, one pupil each day might invite a special guest who would not only eat with classmates, but be introduced and speak for 5 or 10 minutes on a special topic.

Or, if your primary or elementary school has a breakfast program, the favored guest might come for that meal, being spoken about and doing some talking as well.

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