Easy way to add insulation, new roof to a mobile home

Q. I would like to add 10 inches of insulation over my present mobile home and establish a new roof. Should the new roof be supported independent of the present structure? Some local contractors are not enthusiastic about the idea. What would you do? Grant Fitch Rogersville, Mo.

A. adding 10 inches of insulation and a new roof system to an existing mobile home can be much more simply accomplished.

I'd prefer a rigid insulating material with an "R" factor equvalent to 10 inches of fiberglass insulation. Mop on a waterproof roofing atop the rigid insulation board. Of course, the board must be stuck, or otherwise attached, to the existing roof and the edges of the insulating board duly waterproofed.

Get in touch with a building-supply company or insulation firm for a recommended rigid thermal barrier that is suitable for the intended use.

WE used a mobile home as living quarters and field office for a construction superintendent on a remote job. The trailer was poorly insulated in an extremely hot area. Inside, it was stifling.

We reduced the interior temperature 15 degrees during sunlight hours by simply putting three-quarter-inch plywood sheets atop the trailer roof. The plywood rested on 4-inch- high blocks, thus producing an air space between the bottom of the plywood and the top of the trailer roof.

We don't recommend this idea as a permanent thermal solution but mention it only to indicate that your idea for additional mobile- home roof insulation makes sense.

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