Titanic still eludes search but glint of hope emerges

Leaders of the effort to find the wreck of the Titanic announced a repeat of last year's failure, but with hope for a future mission, Monitor contributor Alf Siewers reports.

Mike Harris noted the detection of metallic objects in an undersea canyon which could be the ocean liner, adding there was no evidence they were man-made. The leader said photos and film of the site will be examined before a decision is made to continue the search.

Bankrolled by Texas oilman Jack Grimm and friends, the expeditions to find the Titanic and its reputed cache of jewels have cost $2 million. Mr. Harris, a Florida filmmaker, plans to make a movie about this year's effort featuring actor James Drury. He made a movie about last year's unsuccessful effort, featuring Orson Welles, a nd plans a book.

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