US identifies remains of 3 MIAs

The Pentagon identified three American servicemen whose remains were turned over by Hanoi July 7, including a Navy pilot whose picture became a symbol for US groups seeking to account for the thousands still missing in action.

The Pentagon said one of the men identified was Navy Comdr. Ronald W. Dodge, originally of Olympia, Wash. Commander Dodge was shot down over North Vietnam May 17, 1967. A picture of him escorted by North Vietnamese soldiers appeared in Paris Match, a French publication, four months later. But his name did not appear on subsequent prisoner- of-war lists and he was not repatriated with other POWs in 1973.

Dodge became a focus and symbol of efforts by US groups to account for those missing in action. His picture appeared on the cover of Life magazine and on 5 million brochures distributed by an organization pushing for more information on the MIAs.

Also identified were:

* Navy Lt. Stephen O. Musselman, originally of Texarkana, Texas. He was shot down over North Vietnam Sept. 10, 1972.

* Air Force Capt. Richard H. Van Dyke, originally of Salt Lake City. He was shot down over North Vietna m Sept. 11, 1968.

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