Stockman budget plea to blacks

Study the administration's budget, then discuss it without excess rhetoric, David Stockman, director of the Office of Management and Budget, told the National Urban League conference as delegates listened silently.

Monitor staff writer Luix Overbea reports that MR. Stockman addressed an audience hostile over reports of budget cuts on many social programs affecting black people. Earlier, for example, Vernon E. Jordan Jr., league president, had referred to the Reagan budget as the "jellybean" budget.

Rattling off a long list of figures, Stockman said, "My plea today is not that you accept all our answers. My plea is that you debate soberly, objectively, and reasonably."

He repeated the Reagan administration's continuing assertion: Past policies have not worked; new policies and programs are needed.

He claimed the administration has increased funds for Head Start and the Minority Business Development Agency in the 1982 budget and has not reduced food stamps, aid to education, or work incentives for the poor. He said budget reductions have affected areas other than social programs.

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