Sandscapes seascapes escapes two tides Roll our daily hours: Will we comb the shore for shells? Scamper damp prints down the beach? Venture sandbars, Plunge still pools, fly Spume-crested waves? Or just hunt the perfect, simple dune, and lie in the dry-blown sands? Sky lights sea lights delights sun, moon ,%Define our shadows' play: Will tides roll in for swimming? Will our footprints not remain? Sandbars stand, Pools lie clear, waves Sculpt stiffened foam? And if I lie here, in the shadow of this dune, will my shadow disappear in shifting sands? Dune change sea change exhange waves, winds Form the commerce here: New tides roll ancient changes, Timeless footsteps drown at sea, Sandbars quake, Clear pools churn, whitecaps Burst -- And simple dunes blow slow to smithereens, re-form Sandscapes

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