Some random thoughts

It's hard to imagine two pro golf tournaments producing such exciting putts on the same day as those that concluded the men's and women's events last Sunday. Little- known Ed Fiori sank a 100-footer to lock up a four-stroke victory in the Western Open, and Jan Stephenson knocked in a 15-foot birdie putt to break a deadlock with Pat Bradley and Nancy Lopez-Melton at the Peter Jackson Classic.

* The brouhaha over John McEnroe's absence from Wimbledon's post-tournament dinner has left both sides irked, McEnroe because his invitation was withdrawn, and Wimbledon officials because the new champpion wanted to make just a brief appearance at the traditional gathering. McEnroe says he was tired and wanted to spend time with his family and close friends, but one evening playing by "Wimbledon's rules" hardly seems an impossible request. And attending might have helped him leave England on better terms with tournament officials.

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