Terrorists kill Italian industrialist

The body of kidnapped industrialist Giuseppe Taliercio was found early Monday outside the chemical works he directed. Mr. Taliercio was abducted from his home by four armed men May 20.

The Red Brigades urban guerrilla group claimed responsibility and since then had issued six communiques, the last of which said he had been condemned to death in a "people's trial" as "a slave to the imperialist multinationals." Since then labor and religious leaders and even another urban guerrilla group had appealed to his captors not to kill him.

The three big labor federations called a half-hour general strike for today (June 7) to protest the killing. Two major industrialist managers' federations said their members would join the workers' stoppage for the first time in their history.

Taliercio was first political hostage murdered by the Red Brigades since May 1978, when former Prime Minister Aldo Moro, abducted two months before, was found dead inside a car in central Rome.

The killing raised new fears for three other kidnap victims now in the Red Brigades' hands: Ciro Cirilo, a Naples politician snatched April 27 in an ambush in which his two-man escort died; Renzo Sandrucci, an Alfa- Romeo plant manager abducted in Milan June 3; and Roberto Peci, the brother of a penitent Red Brigades chief whose evidence has led to the arrest of dozens of his former colleag ues, kidnapped in Turin June 10.

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