2 British areas churn with racial incidents

Asian youth pelted buses with bricks, smashed windows, and fought with police over the weekend in the troubled district of Southall. The violence signaled the return of racial clashes to the area where local youths battled supporters of the ultrarightist National Front in 1979.

Sydney Bidwell, a member of Parliament, said the violence seemed to be an organized attempt to incite racial tension. It began when two busloads of "skinhead" youths from other districts arrived Friday night at a bar to hear a concert. The buses were decked with National Front slogans and the youth made Hitler salutes.

Meanwhile, in Liverpool, about 40 mostly black youths hurled gasoline bombs and stones at police while firefighters doused cars set ablaze in nine hours of clashes. The trouble flared when a black man fell off his motorcycle while being chased by a police car and was "rescued" from the off icers by a crowd of youths.

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