Afghan rebels step up attacks

Afghan rebel attacks on Soviet and Afghan military forces have increased in Kabul and heavy fighting was reported in sorrounding areas over the past week, diplomatic source said. Gunfire was heard in and around Kabul day and night and Soviet MIG-21 jets and helicopter gunships made frequent passes over the city.

Three Soviet-built tanks were reported blown up by rebels near the Darulaman Palace in the capital during a battle, and at least two members of the ruling People's Democratic Party, including an Army officer, were shot and killed by rebels in the city. The sources said that in a rebel attack in southern suburb of Kabul two children had been mistakenly killed in addition to two party members.

Soviet jets and helicopter gunships carried out heavy bombings and strafing attacks against a suspected rebel position in Wardak Province, west of Kabul. Fighting was also reported in Logar Province, south of the city. Despite this, nearly 3,000 Afghan troops were brought from Logar to the outskirts to Kabul to assist forces there, the sources said.

Rebels attacked on Afghan police station near Kabul and got away with dozens of Soviet-made AK-47 automatic rifles, the sources added.

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