Yay, Pawtucket!

The Pawtucket Red Sox won 3-2, but who can forget the incandescent moment when the Rochester Red Wings took a 2-1 lead in the top of the 21st? That was when the end almost seemed in sight last April in history's longest baseball game. But Pawtucket tied it up, and both teams hung in there, to say the least. The first 32 innings took eight hours and seven minutes at one sitting, even more than what the usual game seems like to persons unattuned to baseball. The 33rd inning this week became the tie-breaker in 18 minutes.

Wasn't it considerate of the major leagues to go on strike? They permitted the world's unalloyed attention to fall on two minor clubs that, in a sense, will never be minor again. Yay, R ochester! Yay, Pawtucket!

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