'Violence ratings' issued by television-watch panel

The National Coalition on Television Violence released its quarterly survey on violence in TV, indicting NBC for televising more prime-time mayhem than the other networks and ABC for showing the most violent children's programming. The CBS show "Riker" was the most violent, followed by NBC's "Walking Tall." Both have since been canceled.

Violence on Saturday morning children's shows was up 3 percent since last winter and 20 percent since last fall, with "thundar the Barbarian" the most violent cartoon. Others on the list included: "Daffy Duck," "Bugs Bunny-Roadrunner," "Tom and Jerry," and "Popeye."

Meanwhile, the Procter & Gamble Company has pledged to review the shows on which it advertises to ensure they conform to company guidelines of decency. P&G, which as television's largest advertiser spent $486.3 million last year, has already pulled ads from 50 shows during the curren t television season.

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