Inquiry at a N. Y. A-plant faults US inspection setup

A congressional committee that looked into last October's water spill at the Indian Point 2 nuclear power plant at Buchanan, N. Y., concluded that the existing federal inspection system "is not capable of offering genuine assurance that the nuclear power industry is being safely operated," the New York Times reports. Rep. Toby Moffett (D) of connecticut, who chairs the environment, energy, and natural resources subcommittee of the Government Operations Committee, was reported as saying one of the major problems is a shortage of qualified Nuclear Regulatory Commission inspectors.

"We are not saying that anyone is evil," Mr. Moffett said, "but that there are not enough people."

He said the problem was complicated by an intended speedup in the licensing of new plants and restrictions on new hiring imposed earlier this year before being modified.

The committee also critized the nuclear insdustry for "serious and widespread management failing s."

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