Poland, union try to avert strike

The government and the independent trade union Solidarity will meet here today (June 8) to try to avert a strike alert called for Tuesday in the city of Bydgoszcz, Monitor special correspondent Eric Bourne reports.

It was there that a local incident almost touched off a catastrophic nationwide strike three months ago. Now allegations that the government has not fully honored the agreement that ended that threat could magnify it to a national issue once again.

Some of the major provisions in the March 30 accord have been met, notably the registration of the farmers' union and Solidarity's vastly increased access to the news media.

But the union says the government still has not identified and dismissed those in the police or local administration responsible for the order to use force back in March against union members who went to the Town Hall to negotiate. Police in Bydgoszcz said they did not give the order, and allege they are being used by authorities for political purposes.

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