Two defectors say CIA reneged

Two Romanian diplomats who defected to the United States have accused the Central Intelligence Agency of breaking promises to resettle them in this country in return for giving secrets about Romania.

Nicolae Horodinca, who was third secretary at the Romanian Embassy here, and Nicolae Traian, who held the same rank at the mission in Pakistan, now have new identities. They laid out their complaints after being told to move out of apartments furnished and paid for by the CIA.

"They have squeezed me, used me, and dumped me," Mr. Traian said.

"I don't want anything else except what they promised -- help to buy a house, get a job, pay for school until my children are 6, health insurance, life insurance," he said. He added that CIA officials promised these benefits during debriefings but that other officials charged with resettling him and his family later reneged on them.

Mr. Horodinca said the CIA "skinned" him of information, reduced promised financial aid, and did not help him find work. His wife and son have since returned to Romania.

The CIA has decl ined to comment on the allegations.

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