Beirut foes bar residential targets

Lebanon's two main paramilitary groupings pledged not to shell residential areas after two days of bombardment here in which at least 30 people were killed and about 300 were wounded. In separate statements, the rightist Christian alliance known as the Lebanese Front and the pre- dominantly Muslim grouping called the National Movement said they condemened the shelling of civilian targets.

The announcement was made after a big public outcry over Sunday's shelling of crowded beaches along the coast. Rightists and leftists accused each other of starting the shelling.

Politicians noted that the commitment not to attack residential sectors was not a cease-fire agreement, and the Lebanese Front said it would respond to any attack. But the announcement by the groups, apparently the result of some mediation behind the scenes, had a calming effect.

Meanwhile, Israeli planes again attacked Palestinian guerilla bases north of the Lebanese town of Tyre. Six people were killed and nine injured when a farm house was destroyed, residents said. It was the second Isra eli air attack against guerrilla targets in six days.

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