Multimedia show that explored a few of Meredith Monk's many worlds

Onesaph, Musical drama by Hugh Levick and Jim Neu. Meredith Monk is not the only multiple talent around these days, but few have her gift for combining various forms of artistic expression. In a new "musical drama" called "Oneosaph," onstage at the Performing Garage, director Jim Neu and performer Hug Levick mix a slow, plotless scenario with live and taped jazz, videotapes of short satiric scenes, and a one-person live performance that seems to be about a young man trying to develop a meaningful relationship with his saxophone.

Its ambitions are high, and it has a mildly involving mood, along with a few jokes during the mostly uninspired video segments. But there's no spark to the show, which borrows more (from various avant-garde showpeople) than it manages to pay back. Aside from the good outbursts of live sax, it's a n unexciting evening.

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