Canticle of the Creatures; (after that of St. Francis of Assisi)

highest, most powerful and goodly Lord to you only go praise and honor, benedictions of all kinds and every glory to you only, Most High do these belong no man being worthy to signify your name praise my Lord through all creation -- especially through the Lord my Brother Sun shining with the gift of day dispensing to us bounteous light, beautiful and resplendent with brightness to you my Lord he is most like in likeness praise my Lord through my Sister the Moon and moving Stars set heaven high by your high hand beautifully arrayed, precious and most bright praise my Lord through my Brother the Wind and every breeze and all degrees of alternating weather and praise my Lord through my Sister flowing Water useful she is -- a humble, chaste and priceless treasure praise my Lord through my Brother Master Fire who sparkles for us in the dead of night his dancing lithe and bright, joyous and abounding with power praise my Lord through our Sister Mother Earth who upholds and nurtures us bringing forth reviving fruits, flowers of many hues and helpful herbs praise my Lord through those who show forgiveness through love of you enduring the painful perils of time and harsh adversity blessed are they who persevere in peacefulness for by you, Most High are they adorned praise and bless my Lord most truly and render thanks and service to him greatl y and with great humility

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