Polish production outlook: still on downhill course

Poland's economy is running down steeply and national income, roughly equivalent to gross national product, is likely to decline 14 percent in 1981, the Communist Party's official newspaper reported.

Tadeusz Grabski, a party Politburo member, was quoted as saying that planned production this year would have to be cut about $10 billion, and that investments would be reduced about $1.66 billion.

"We are still in the trough of the crisis and we have not yet reached the bottom," Mr. Grabski said.

Poland, burdened by huge foreign debts, is short of raw materials and food. Lagging exports are aggravating balance-of-payments difficulties.

Earlier reports said industrial output in the first four months of this year had slumped 11 percent below last year's level and that prospects were gloomy for meat production, grains, and v egetable crops.

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