Light on African violets

If you want to add some attractive African violet varieties to your home, here are some ideas: Streokicaroys (cape primrose) -- A hybrid blooming from April till November or December. The flowers are trumpet-shaped in shades of pink, blue, and lilac, with some whites and reds. Stems hold flowers above long oval leaves, thus almost completely hiding the foliage.

Episcias (flame violets) -- A trailing plant that is ideal for hanging-pot containers. If you try this plant, remember that E. reptansm (fulgida or coccinea) is the flame violet with hairy leaves of brown-tinged silvery veins.

Other varieties of E. cupreatam include Silver Sheen, with silver leaves; Kitty, with bronze-green leaves banded with pink centers; Chocolate Soldier, brown leaves with silver center veins; Acajou, unusually marked silvery green mahogany leaves -- all with red flowers.

Remember that these are all sensitive to cold, grow best in warm temperatures (70 to 90 degrees F.), and need humidity and moist, not dripping, soil. Also, you may be more successful with other varieties, such as Aeschynanthus (Trichosporum), Columneas, Condonanthe, and Hypocyrta.

Isoloma or Kohleria Hirsuta -- Slender upright green leaves with orange-red flowers. Be sure to make room for this larger grower.

Kohlerias -- Foliage is green with different marked edgings and pink flowers on a plant about one foot high.

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