Story books with pictures, or picture books with stories?; There's A Crocodile Under My Bed!, by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert. New York: McGraw-Hill. $8.95. (4-10 years).

The Book is a good story. A girl named Peggy has a big problem. She tells her mom and dad there is a crocodile under her bed. But her parents don't believe her. When her dad looks under the bed, there is no crocodile. After her parents go out for the evening, she meets the crocodile.

His name is James. He was kicked out of the Land of Crocodiles because he played mean tricks on the other little animals that lived there. He even switched the eggs of mama crocodiles and mama ostriches.

James teaches Peggy to make a crocodile out of an egg carton and some paper. James is happy because he was nice to the little girl and now can go home.

When her parents come home, her dad looks under the bed and finds the homemade crocodile.

It's a pretty good story, and I liked the pictures. I would give it an "A."

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