Story books with pictures, or picture books with stories?; McGoogan Moves the Mighty Rock, by Dick Gackenbach. New York: Harper & Row. $8 .95.

Author and illustrator Dick Gackenbach has created a gem about the value of friendship. McGoogan, Master Guitar Player and Singer of Songs, interupts his journey to enjoy the cool shade of a mighty rock. When McGoogan finishes his supper, he picks up his guitar and sings a song. Suddenly, a voice cries out, "Bravo! Well done!" The voice says, "Sing another song about the sea." McGoogan is fascinated to learn he is conversing with a rock who not only talks but dreams of visiting the sea.

McGoogan and the rock travel to the sea, and a bond of friendship develops between them. In fact, McGoogan realizes their friendship is more precious than anything, and they determine to continue their adventures together. The delightful illustrations complementing the story a re terribly funny.

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