Natural siding for a mountain home

Q. We are planning a second home in the mountains of Georgia and would like to use wood siding with a natural finish instead of paint. What should we use and how can we maintain the siding so it does not acquire a weatherbeaten look? Georgiana Hall Orlando, Fla.

A. What kind of siding is intended? Texture-111 plywood is widely used but it tends to crack and weather more than a natural wood siding. Consider using redwood or cedar boards.

If such boards are ticketed, apply a top-quality linseed-oil base stain for excellent results. This finish seals the wood and allows it to repel a certain amount of moisture. Regular reapplication every two to four years will help retard the weathering look which you wish to avoid.

The stain may be obtained in a color resembling the natural wood. However, the more pigment in the product, the longer lived the finish.

In planning a house having natural wood siding, avoid placing a sprinkler system where the spray hits the siding. The sprayed wood area takes on a different appearance than the rest of the siding. $ TKeep the wood siding close to a fresh appearance by regular restaining. Use only the original stain material.

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