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From Wonder must come Realization, because in your making you have gone through every law of nature. It is part of you. In the intuitive are recorded all the great steps of the making in which momentous decisions were made. Your intuition is your most exacting sense, it is your most reliable sense. It is the most personal sense that a singularity has, and intuition, not knowledge, must be considered your greatest gift. Knowledge is valuable because knowing can come from it, and knowing can give you intouchness with your intuition. Knowledge can be imparted because it is very singular, very impure. It has to do with you. The life of knowing is very real, but it is personal.

In every thing that nature makes, nature records how it was made. In the rock is a record of how the rock was made. In man is the record of how man was made. When we are conscious of this, we have a sense of the laws of the universe. Some can reconstruct the laws of the universe from knowing just a blade of grass. Other s have to learn many, many things before they can sense what is necessary to discover that Order which is the universe.

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