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You described two types of trust in "Moneywise" previously. Where can a person interested in establishing a tax-saving trust get more information? Is there a good book on the subject? K. A.

Trusts come in so many assorted sizes, types, and specifics that little has been written on them for the nonlawyer. At least I am not aware of many good books on trusts. One, "Don't Die Broke! A Guide to Secure Retirement," by Melvin Jay Swartz (New York: E. P. Dutton, paperback), includes an excellent section on various types of trusts, including the estate tax-saving trust. "How to Avoid Probate -- Updated," by Norman F. Dacey (Avenel, N.J.: Crown), covers living trusts. You should consult a lawyer for the specifics, as you will need one to draw up the trust in legal form. The variability of trusts calls for tailoring a document to your needs. If a reader knows about one or several books that cover trusts from a layman's view or books that inc lude sections on trusts, please let me know, and I will disperse that information in a later "Moneywise" column.

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