Replacing stock certificate

We own shares in [blank] corporation and receive newsletters and reports, but we have lost our certificate. We have owned the stock for 10 years. We do not recall if it is listed in both our names or my husband's only. Can we sell the stock without the certificate? How can we get another? R. M.

You cannot sell your stock without a valid certificate or computer record of your holding. You should contact the transfer agent for the corporation. Either ask your broker for the name of the transfer agent or write directly to the corporation's Stockholder Relations Office. Tell the transfer agent your problem. The newsletters and reports will likely be addressed to the name or names listed as owners. You will have to post a bond equal to about 3 percent of the value of the shares to assure the corporation that the stock will not show up later. This procedure is relatively standard -- takes time, costs a bit , but is not unusual.

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