Some bright spots in economic indexes

The Conference Board, which monitors economic conditions in seven major industrial countries, tallied up its latest International Economic Scorecard adn reports that:

* There may be a light at the end of the long, dark tunnel of Great Britain's economic recession.

The leading economic index in the United Kingdom moved up to 123 in January, a two-point gain over the previous month. This was the first advance in this index in 15 months. And early figures for February suggest that the upward trend has continued.

* The leading economic index in the United States has stalled. The US index fell from 143 in December to 140 in February, interrupting an upswing which had begun in June. The decline has been small, however, suggesting a lull in growth , rather than a renewed downturn.

* Leading indexes in Canada, France, and Italy showed substantial advances.

* Japan continues to show the weakest economic performance among the seven countries covered, although its index leveled off in December and January.

* In west Germany, the leading economic index levele d off in the final months of 1980, following a decline last summer.

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