Cutting down night noise from outdoors

Q. I live in a second-floor apartment with the bedroom facing a noisy city street. What can I do to lessen the traffic noise? Mrs. Flo Taylor Kelowna, British Columbia

A. Obviously, you can keep the windows closed, when practical, if the apartment is air-conditioned in the warm-weather months. Double-pane windows are better sound insulators than single-pane glass. Would the landlord cooperate and install double-pane glass? Ask him.

Interior or exterior shutters might help, but probably not enough, particularly if the windows are kept open. Again, ask the landlord.

Have you thought of using earplugs?

In our guest room facing nightime barking dogs, we have installed a Sound Screen, Model 500, made by Marpac of Wilmington, N.C. When operating, it provides a tolerable, continuous mechanical sound which is designed to override exterior sounds.

Why don't you look into it. The Marpac unit, or equal, might override the annoying sound of traffic inside your home.

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