Spyman Sporkin

If one were reading a spy thriller, it would not be too difficult to imagine the consternation that would sweep through the ranks of an intelligence agency at the news that one of the federal government's most zealous advocates of openness and fighters of intrigue was becoming their ownm general counsel.

But when such a situation suddenly becomes an actuality, as is now the case, then all types of possibilities come to thought. When Stanley Sporkin, the current head of the enforcement division of the Securities and Exchange Commission, becomes new chief counsel of the CIA next month, will the CIA suddenly find itself throwing open more of its own carefully closed doors? Will agents be more cost-conscious than ever about expense account items, such as purchases of wigs, listening devices, or other esoteric gear common to thorough spies everywhere? And what about intrigue itself? Will tomorrow" suddently a necessity of the trade, such as "How do you do, I'm agent X-23, pretending I'm an insurance agent."

Welcome to the CIA, Mr. Sporkin. And don't lose y our feisty pursuit of the bottom line.

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