Fellowships for cooks

Julia Child has provided the initial funding for an International Culinary Fellowship program to help talented young cooks become masters in their profession. The program, which will be under the direction of the Permanent Charity Fund of Boston, will give selected candidates the Opportunity to receive advanced training in France.

Fellowship stipends ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 will support up to a year of study abroad -- attending a particular school, or working in a specialized area, or with a particular chef.

Candidates should have a college degree or its equivalent and at least three years of professional experience. Reasonable fluency in French is also required.

For one who would like to be an apprentice in an outstanding restaurant, a training stipend may be important because of the French government's restrictions on the employment of foreigners.

Applications may be obtained from: The International Culinary Fellowship Program, Permanent Charity Fund of Boston, One Boston Place, Bosto n, Mass. 02106.

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