'A nice start'

Yesterday the truth came out: the United States economy grew more in the first quarter of this year than in any quarter since the second one in 1978. The gross national product, adjusted for inflation, went up by 6.5 percent.

What are Americans to make of those economists who said on the brink of 1981 that "the economy will at best slow down and at worst we'll see a double-dip come the first of the year"? Or that "it's hard to make a case for anything going up from here"?

What are Americans to make of the White House economist who now warns that "the near term outlook suggests that we will not be able to duplicate the first quarter's performance"?

Let's take all predictions as subject to revision by the thoughts and deeds of a free people.

Let's accept the same White House economist's phrase for the first quarter -- "a nice start" -- and enjoy.

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