* Environmentalists have won a victory in Bavaria. A court has granted an injunction barring further construction of the new Munich airport. Officials say that work will be held up for at least six months and possibly for several years as the case is appealed in higher courts. As grounds, the Bavarian higher administrative court cited insufficient safety and antinoise measures, and the fact Bavarian officials sit on both the planning commission and on the review board.

* The West German armed forces, the strongest of any in Western Europe, are getting flak from their own ranks. An intensive review of armament by top officers and Defense Ministry civilians led to the dropping of some projects and the delaying of others for financial reasons.

* West Germany's five prestigious economic research institutes have fired a broadside at government economic policy. In their joint spring projections for the second half of 1981 they have attacked economic, financial, and monetary policy as "timid" and "not sober." They alleged an inadequate response to stagnant growth, rising unemployment, and huge current account deficits.

They want the government to restore the slashed state investment -- and the central bank to reduce interest rates -- to stimulate the economy. But they also want tougher antiin flation measures.

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