Ex-officials may be tried for roles in Polish strife

A leading newspaper said ousted Communist Party leader Edward Gierek and former Prime Minister Piotr Jaroszewicz may go on trial for Poland's economic chaos. Neither the government spokesman's office nor the state prosecutor's office would confirm or deny the report.

The report in Zycie Warsawy of a possible trial for the disgraced former party chief came one day before a parliament session at which announcements of an emergency economic program and personnel changes were expected.

Mr. Gierek was lossed out as party leader after the mass summer strike in Gdansk, which ended with the government's negotiating with the Solidarity union. Mr. Jaroszewicz was ousted from office in 1980 then removed from the party. Putting them on trial would be the ultimate step in the policy that has evolved recently, pushed by Solidarity an d Warsaw authorities, to punish those responsible for wrongs

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