MISCELLANEOUS; Things I'd like to see

* Weight and/or height classes for women gymnasts. Without them, the sport may become a playground for tiny featherweights at the top international level. Boxing, wrestling, and crew have weight divisions, and it seems that gymnastics would benefit by following a similar course. At the very least, separating out competitors under 100 pounds would be a step in the right direction. And a third classification for those over 130 pounds, let's say, might make sense. As it is, the natural maturation process, and not a deterioration of skills, may put some tremendous athletes at an unfair disadvantage.

* In basketball, fewer foul calls on blocked shot attempts. Defensive players quick enough to block shots before they leave the shooter's hand are inevitably called for body contact. About the only way presently to avoid picking up a foul, at least in the pros, is to reject a shot in flight. But if referees weren't so automatic with their whistles in the first situation, shorter players would be encour aged to try for these defensive "home runs."

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