All about almonds

Almonds are delicious, versatile nuts found in the cuisines of over a dozen countries. California is the only place in North America where almonds are grown commercially. The annual harvest period begins in mid-August and continues to late October.

Almonds are sold as whole natural almonds, with only their shells removed, still wearing their cinnamon brown skins or in one of these other ways:

Whole blanched almonds: both sheels and skins have been removed.

Sliced natural almonds: Thinly sliced lengthwise, with thin band of brown skin remaining.

Sliced blanched almonds: blanched and thinly sliced lenghtwise.

Blanched slivered almonds: blanched, halved, then cut lengthwise in pieces that are a little shorter than matchstick size.

Roasted blanched slivered almonds: blanched, slivered, then roasted to a golden color.

Chopped natural almonds: natural almonds, chopped for easy use in baking.

Diced roasted salted almonds: natural almonds, finedly diced and roasted, then lightly salted

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