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The Biking Expedition Inc. has planned an extensive program of teen-age bicycling trips in the US, Canada, and Europe for the coming summer. New trips this year to England and France include England's Cotswold Hills, Stratford-on-Avon, and London; the French Loire Valley and Paris. New in US tours is a three-week combined camping-hosteling trip to Cape Cod in Massachusetts and to Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard designed for the student who wants to couple easy, low-mileage cycling with lots of summer activities. In addition, the Biking Expedition will continue running ten of its popular itineraries in France, Ireland, England and Scotland, the Canadian Rockies and Pacific Northwest, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, coastal Maine, and through a variety of areas in New England and Pennsylvania. Varying in length from two to five weeks, The Biking Expedition's trips are designed for young people who seek the fun, adventure, and personal involvement that result from a group biking experience. Groups live simply-camping on US and Canadian trips, hosteling in Europe. They cook their own food and carry all their clothing and equipment with them on their bikes. Further information may be obtained by writing the Biking Expedition Inc. at its headquarters on Hall Avenue, Henniker, N.H. 03242, or by telephoning (603) 428-7500. 52900100027313 NOVEMBER 15, 1981

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