Ann Meyers, a serious 'Superstar'; home-run swing for the Mets

Ann Meyers, a four-time All-America basketball player at UCLA, is still seeking her niche two years after college graduation. For the time being, at least, it's as a gung-ho com petitor in the made-for-TV "Superstars" events. In the future, however, it could be on the pro golf or tennis circuits, or perhaps in sportscasting.

Having breezed to victory in the Women Superstars, where she pocketed $40,000 , Meyers will now become the first woman ever entered in the World Superstars (March 29, 2 p.m. Eastern standard time on ABC affiliates).

Is her participation more than a publicity stunt? Meyers thinks so. "I wouldn't go into something if I thought I was going to embarrass myself," she has said. "I expect to do well in all the events, even if I don't win."

This won't be the first time Ann has competed against men. Growing up, she went against five brothers, one of whom, Dave, was an All-America forward at UCLA. Later she tried out for the National Basketball Association's Indiana Pacers, the first woman to do so for any NBA team. After being cut, she signed with the New Jersey Gems of the Women's Basketball League and became that circuit's Most Valuable Player during the 1979-80 season.

Right now, with the WBL going nowhere and Meyers sitting out the season because of a contract dispute, her only real chance for recognition is through the Superstars. Consequently, after finishing fourth last year, she trained specifically for the seven events, four of which she won to easily nail down the current title. Her closest rivals were fellow basketball players Carol Blazejowski and Nancy Lieberman.

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