MISCELLANEOUS; What's in a number?

Changing uniform numbers can be as hard as parting with a favorite fielder's glove for some baseball players. With free agency, however, it's often an occupational hazard.

For example, when Carlton Fisk and Fred Lynn landed with new clubs this year, they found teammates wearing their old Boston numbers. White Sox pitcher Ken Kravecs has Fisk's "27," and Angel shortstop Bert Campaneris wears Lynn's "19."

At times like these, players must adjust. Fisk and Lynn did. Carlton will wear "72" in Chicago, and odd baseball number, but one which has significance for him. He was American League Rookie of the Year in '72; his son, Carson, was born that year, and 72 is his old number reversed. For Lynn, selecting 16 was merely a matter of going back to his old college nu mber.

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