Japan on car cuts: US must ask

Japan ruled out voluntary cuts in auto exports Monday until the United States makes specific proposals, leaving the next step up to Washington during the current visit by Foreign Minister Masayoshi Ito. "The Americans should announced, 'We will do this at home and we want the Japanese to do that to help us,'" Kiichi Miyazawa, the government's chief spokesman, told reporters. His statement was the latest of a series of pronouncements by senior government officials on Tokyo's plans for the trouble some trade dispute between teh two allies.

In Washington, Mr. Ito scheduled meetings with senior officials Monday and President Reagan Tuesday, amid reports the US was moving closer to asking Japan to limit its car exports -- but with the administration divided.

Transportation Secretary Drew Lewis during the weekend called for voluntary restraint, warning that feelings were running high and that "it's probable that Congress will act if we don't." But Federal Reserve Bord chairman Paul Volcker said limiting Japanese imports would be dangerous.

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