My Trip to Hawaii

I went to Hawaii in January. When I left New Jersey, it was 15 degrees; when I arrived in Hawaii, it was very hot. My mom has a friend and she met us at the airport. She gave of leis made of orchids and carnations. At church I got a shell lei, and I bought a seed lei.

I saw hula dancing and fire dancing. I liked the fore dancing best because it was exciting. The man juggled a stick with fire on it.

I liked the beach. The water was warm. I liked to ride the waves.

Pearl Harbor was depressing because I knew ships had been sunk there.

The food in Hawaii is expensive because it is shipped in. They grow more pineapples in Hawaii than coconuts. Orchids are cheap. They are much more expensive in New Jersey.

I missed Hawaii when I got back to New Jersey. It was so cold! Would you have missed it? 52900100027328 NOVEMBER 15, 1981

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