Job absenteeism running low

Workers seem to be showing up at their jobs more regularly these days. Job absence rates hit a seven-year low in the third quarter of 1980 and edged up only slightly during the fourth quarter of 1980, according to the results of a quarterly survey conducted by the Bureau of National Affaris Inc., in Washington.

The survey reported that in the fourth quarter of 1980, job absence days accounted for about 2.5 percent of scheduled worktime -- up from the previous quarter's seven-year low of 2.4 percent. In 1979, the average monthly absence rate for the fourth quarter was 2.9 percent -- considerably higher than the 1980 figure.

During 1980, the all-company monthly job absence rateaveraged 2.6 percent, compared with 2.9 percent for the previous two years. Before 1980, the lowest 12-month average reported in the survey program was a rate of 2.8 percent for 1977.

The bureau doesn't speculate as to whether rising unemployment is prompting empl oyees to be more diligent.

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