'Unfair to the worker!'

The slogan on a picket sign outside some industrial plant? No, it's the way some labor unions feel about the portrayal of working people on American television. And the unions are out to change it.

The International Association of Machinists has released the findings of a 14 -month television survey by 1,500 specially trained monitors. IAM, joined by other labor groups in the project, claims the union role in improving jobs is seldom shown, that strikes and violence are emphasized, and that union members often are portrayed as less educated, less attractive, clumsier, more foolish, and more often drinking alcoholic beverages or smoking than are other persons.

The survey also found newscasts more heavily weighted toward the corporate position in issues of concern to labor.

The survey is being used in meetings with the TV industry in hopes of encouraging "fairer treatment" of l abor on shows and newscasts.m

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