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American television seems to be staging its own version of "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming." Since Soviet President Brezhnev's recent call for summit talks with President Reagan, various Russian officials have been making what amounts to a "media blitz" here.

Apparently there is more to come.

ABS featured Soviet charge d'affaires Alexander Bessemertnykh on its March 1 edtion of "Meet the Press." ABC's guest on "Issues and Answers" March 8 was Minister-counselor Vladilen Vasev. NBC also has featured Russians on its "Face the Nation" and "Today" shows in recent weeks.

Now, Moscow sources say, the Soviets' chief Washington-watcher, Georgi Arbatov, is planning a visit to the US and is tentatively scheduled to appear on "Bill Moyers' Journal" o n PBS.m

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