Reagan visit may inspire talks

A two-day visit to Canada by US President Reagan earlier marked with noisy anti-US demonstrations wound up March 11 on a note of mutual friendship between the two countries. Mr. Reagan, addressing a joint session of Parliament, told Canadians the US is "intent on working closely with you in a spirit of cooperation."

One result of the 24-hour visit was a statement of US willingness to consider attending a multilateral meeting in Mexico City next summer at which issues dividing rich and poor nations will be discussed, reports correspondent David Milne.

Also, Mr. Reagan's visit produced some action on his long-held desire to improve relations between Canada, the US, and Mexico. Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau agreed to explore the possibility of trilateral meetings between the three nations.

Despite the overall success of the talks, Canadian officials were hard pressed to find examples of specific cooperation on the many outstanding bilateral issues between the two countries, including environmental problems and disputed fishing rights.

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