Hecklers greet Reagan in Canada

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau's brief welcoming ceremony here Tuesday for visiting US President Ronald Reagan was badly marred by a handful of noisy hecklers and a few hundred demonstrators.

Mr. Trudeau, with Mr. Reagan at his side in front of the Canadian Parliament buildings, praised the US and spoke of an enduring harmony in relations between America and Canada, reports correspondent David Milne.

But hecklers at the front of the crowd of thousands continually punctuated the ceremony with chants of "US Out of El Salvador," and "Acid Rain, Go Home." Acid rain, a form of pollution that is causing widespread damage to lakes in both US and Canada, is a major environmental concern in Canada.

Outbursts from the crowd also broke into Mr. Reagan's brief opening statement. But he commended the democratic freedom in Canada that "makes such raucous behavior possible."

Afterward, Mr. Trudeau, appearing embarrassed, appealed to the crowd: "Hey guys, when I go to the US, I'm not met with those kinds of signs" and the crowd, at Mr. Trudeau's invitation, gage the Pre sident a round of applause.

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