Experience with a Policeman

About four months ago Dad, David, Nancy and I were playing at Mt. Storm Park one evening. When we left, David and I asked to run home. While we were running, Dad was driving along slowly beside us, and we passed a police car coming the opposite way.

I looked back and saw that he was turning around. I shouted to Dad, "The policeman is turning around." The policeman then turned on his blue flasher. Right then, David ran across the street and climbed in the car. I stayed outside.

The policeman stopped Dad. I ran over to the car and got in too. Dad had to get out of the car and talk with the policeman. Meanwhile, David and I were playing with his Star War dolls. After a while the policeman came to the car and asked. "Who's this guy back there?"

All of us kids said in unison, "HE'S OUR DAD!"

And then he asked us, "Where do you live?"

And I said fast, "14066sycamorestreetcincinnatiohio45210."

Then he said "Oh" and he went back to his car and let Daddy go.

After Dad got in, Dad asked, "Do you know what that policeman thought I was doing?" And we all answered, "No, but tell us anyway."

"He thought I was driving along slowly to kidnap you guys."

And then we all laughed together. We went home and told Mommy.

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