Reagan's guns and butter

President Reagan asked Congress Wednesday to add $32.6 billion to the Carter defense budget for the next 18 months, including funds for a new manned bomber and other major weapons programs. Mr. Reagan's proposed additions to the Pentagon budget unveiled by his defeated predecessor in January would authorize more than Mr. Carter sought.

Along with the bomber, the Reagan plan calls for building a sixth nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, reactivating two WW II battleships, and obtaining dozens of other ships and hundreds of planes and tanks beyond what Mr. Carter proposed for the last half of the current 1981 financial year and for 1982. It also proposes to nearly double spending for defense of the Gulf and Indian Ocean areas, including strengthening the US rapid deployment force.

In addition, President Reagan won the first congressional test of his economic recovery plan when the Senate Agriculture Committee approved his proposed freeze on dairy price supports. The committee voted 14 to 2 to recommend full Senate approval of the freeze.

The plan passed despite strong opposition from Wisconsin Democrat William Proxmire and other senator from dairy producing states. It will hold price supports at the current $13.1 0 per one hundred pounds of milk, denying an increase to $14

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